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New Colors!

After four years of making bears, it was time to switch around the colors a little bit. Two of them have been renamed, and there is one brand new color in the regular lineup! Read on to see the changes.

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Why are your bears so expensive?

I know the price tag of my bears can seem a little wild to some. After all, you can go to Target right now and buy a big teddy bear for like $20. So why are mine so expensive? Cost to make each bear First, we have to look at how much it costs to make one bear, and why. Let's go with a mini bear, one of the most popular sizes. They're 6" tall, and made completely from scratch.  There are a bunch of costs associated with making a bear. You have the cost of materials (fabric, thread, stuffing, embroidery thread, tags), the cost of packaging (care cards, cotton bags, stamps), the cost of shipping materials (mailers, shipping labels),...

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