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You're reading it right! We've decided to add an E to our name for a few reasons, the biggest one being that we want our brand to be easily identified. Commonfolk is a really rad word that a lot of other businesses have used for their own businesses, and simply adding an E helps to make us just a little bit different.

Here are some other silly reasons:

  • I started making grumpy bears after my son, the original grump. But after I had my daughter, I kinda felt like she was left out. Well, her name starts with an E! :)

  • Adding an E to the end of words usually makes them "feminine". I kinda like that.

  • I'm a huge Scandinavian design enthusiast. "Folke" is a Swedish last name (though it's pronounced differently over there, the E is silent in Commonfolke). I like that connection, however small!

We (Natalie, Tyler, and our team) hope you like the change. It was hard at first, but it's growing on all of us.

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