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Small tall bears and bunnies coming soon!

Update on tiny lamb preorders

Tiny lambs are done being embroidered and sewn closed. Now they just need their wool sewn on, they need to be numbered, and they can be shipped out! If you placed an order for one of these, look out for your shipping confirmation email soon.

If you didn't get a chance to place a preorder for a tiny lamb, there will be another chance! This time, there will be more colors available. I was thinking of only doing black (a black sheep!), but I may do brown and gray as well.

Small tall bears and bunnies

What's a "small tall"? It's the same exact pattern as my tall bears (with the long arms and legs), except reduced down to only about half the size. They're SO cute.

Bears AND bunnies will be available. They should be ready to ship by the time they are listed.

Get your own small tall starting October 1st at 3pm Pacific time. I only have a limited numbed of these bears right now, so if you want one, make sure to order before they are sold out.

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