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I'm Natalie, owner of Commonfolke. In late 2014, I decided to make my babies a bear... and somehow, this little bear company has gone from a one-person outfit to a whole team of women who sew and hand embroider each bear. We are proud to offer products that are hand made, made in the USA, and support real families by paying fair wages to our seamstresses.

There is an immense amount of passion in what I do and the values that I want my brand and bears to represent. Thank you for making this dream of mine a reality. 


Our Bears
Handmade from scratch, using original patterns and unlike any other bears you'll find. Designed to be minimalist and comforting, they're soft, a little grumpy looking, and the perfect companion for people of any age. Put them in your purse or pocket for good luck, or give them a snuggle when it's time for bed. They're sized to fit in your hand comfortably.
The Team
Commonfolke is owned and creatively headed by Natalie - a stay at home mom - and her husband, Tyler. We have a team of a few women (all of them fellow parents) who help us sew, keeping our business small and our bears quality made. All of us are dedicated to making the finest little friends we can, and will do our best to make our customers happy.
The shop is restocked often. Once your order is placed, your bears will be ready to ship within about 3-5 business days (unless otherwise stated in a product listing). Limited edition bears may not be restocked, so be sure to order if you want one!


Commonfolke bears are completely of my own design, and you won't find anything else like them. They were created to be the perfect companion for little individuals. Durable, washable, lovable. They are minimalist, one of a kind, well made friends for all. 

Learn more about how bears are made HERE.

For any questions, feel free to check out the FAQ, or send me a message through the form on the contact page. 


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