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Bear Making Process

All of our bears are made by hand by myself (Natalie) and a couple of very wonderful friends. (And occasionally my husband!) We make small batches of bears to keep the quality amazing, and all of us have been doing this for years.

If you want to know more, here are the details of a typical preorder:

Week One

My seamstresses and I begin cutting fabric and pinning patterns in preparation to be sewn. Bears are machine sewn, trimmed, packed, and if applicable, sent to our home office.

Week Two

Bears are stuffed and sent off to our embroiderers.

Week Three

Bears faces are delicately hand embroidered (by myself and/or wonderful team of fellow moms), and they are sent back to us.

Week Four

Every bear is inspected for quality, and is then sewn closed, numbered, and packaged for shipping.


This is just a rough guide on the entire process that takes place to make each bear. Sometimes things go more quickly or slowly, keeping in mind that we at Commonfolke are all mothers and/or wives with families of our own. 

If you have received an Order Confirmation email, we got your order and we are working on it! 

If you have received a Shipping Confirmation email, your order is shipped and on its way to you. 
If you did not receive this email, your order has not yet shipped and will very soon.

Inquiries about order status are always welcome and are always answered, but they do require more hours to be spent answering emails rather than making bears! Kindly keep this in mind. :)